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Children of the Damned - A Capella (short)

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post at the forums. I’ve been working on my voice for quite some time. Just lately, since I’ve overcome this thought of embarrassment and uncertainty, do I try out a lot of things. Surely I’m improving, but there are still quite some things that seem off.

This recording is from 2010, back when I started to open up: Recording.

As you’ll hear, it’s a bity pitchy. I probably have a present accent, too, though this is like the only song outside of classical or musical repertoire that I sound at least decent in my English accent. I still have this you could say lazy pitch problems, even though my ears are quite very strong. I transcribe a lot of music note for note, extracting as many instruments as accurate as possible.

The reason that I stayed with a classical singing teacher is that I really, really tried with quite an amount of teachers specialized in rock, metal, and the like, and not just once, but 15+ lessons (CVT certified), to which I didn’t feel any progress at all. I do improve when singing classical and I seem to tweak it to sing rock and metal, as well (with an accent problem).


Some more (recent) stuff:

I Rembember You - 2013 (I’m really not so fond of this one, but it’s a recent one)

Carrie - 2013

Jet City Woman - 2013 (a li’l off here and there, but this was from a singing lesson; very rough)

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Hey Manolito - You have a very resonant and powerful tone and a fairly natural sounding vibrato. Yes I could hear the pitch problems but if this is from 2010 and you have been taking lessons then why not post something recent?

I wouldn't worry to much about the accent - it is not a big problem as long as you are understandable which you were.


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Manny, I didn't listen to the old recording from 2010, not interested, that's the past.

I like what you are doing now and you should stick with that. But I do have one gripe. You have a link for "I Remember You" but the page comes up that it cannot find that sound. That is so irritating.

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