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Steel Dragon (Steelheart) We All Die Young

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SWEET !!! :cool:

I'd like to see you submit a video in on the "Social Media Home Page" of TMV World if you are able to do so.....

If you haven't yet joined the Social Networking section of TMV World, kindly do so.

Sending you a personal invitation :D

Warmest Regards,


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It doesn't take much, Shawn.

you only have to start an account using your email addy and a password of your choosing. If you can make a video of some sort involving your singing, Adolph can get it featured. It's no more difficult than it was to get an account in this forum.

Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy. Even I have a page in the media site. I have some songs there I never previewed here. Why?


"Momma's got to worry

I've been a bad, bad boy.

No use saying I'm sorry.

It's something that I enjoy ...."


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Michael Matijevic is in my top 5 male vocalists of all time list, and I would say you did this justice.

ABSOLUTELY and without a DOUBT !!! :cool:

Edit :

"ABSOLUTELY and without a DOUBT !!!"

BOTH Matijevic and Shawn :cool:

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