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new robin znader band

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robin zander started a new band with two greats i know from a local band (from new York) called rat race choir.

any of you folks from the ny area around my age would have to remember them.

mark hitt and steve loungo.

if ever there was a band that should have made it, it was them..

dan, do you remember them?

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It sounds exciting but i don't know the other names.

Kind of like if I was excited to hear about a new band featuring John Hyatt. Most would not know that name but his previous band, Razin Cain, was kind of big around here in the late 80's and early 90's, before the death knell of Grunge.

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mark hitt and steve luongo are from my neighborhood and they are both virtuoso level musicians.

the band "rat race choir" has been in existence over 44 years!!!

they've played with ian anderson, john entwistle and many others

but as bar band back in the early days, few could touch their tightness and skill.

twisted sister made it...they were passed over...

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these guys used to do jethro tull covers that were superb....

they also had bob mayo (also a guy from my neighborhood) who worked with frampton, and did the solo for "waiting for a girl like you and "break it up."

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