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Throat Coat

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Hi everyone! I hope wherever you are that you are staying healthy. I've received questions about the tea Throat Coat that I mentioned in the Artists Group. Here are some details:

I've seen Throat Coat at many stores including Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. It's made by a company called Traditional Medicinals: www.TraditionalMedicinals.com Caffeine free and organic! YUM!


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Yes, I like the Celestial Seasonings Mint tea as well, but being a "tea-aholic, I have a variety - MANY flavors and brands. All organic and caffeine free.

Personally, I like Throat Comfort, which is similar to Throat Coat (Yogi Teas). The Throat Coat escalates my BP, and I can't use it. Breathe Deep is also an excellent choice for me.

I discovered a distributor you may wish to check out. The prices are very reasonable. They also carry a variety of other herbals, etc.

http://www.I-Herb. com

I-Herb also offers discounts, and you'll receive a code with your first order to pass along to your friends. When they order, you'll get a discount on YOUR orders. If you wish to place an order, feel free to use my code (DOL-154). You'll get an immediate discount.

Oh, yes, they carry Celestial Seasonings as well !!!

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Mint tea before the gig, agreed!

Throat Coat afterwards, to repair :P Or if you don't have Throat Coat, just eat some real licorice candy....that's the ingredient that repairs...and the slipper elm bark in throat coat lubricates.

You can also buy licorice root from the herb store and pop a piece after the gig to chew on.

If you have high blood pressure, licorice root might not be a good choice for you.

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I was pleased to see you mentioned the Blood Pressure issue as I did in my previous post. While my blood pressure problems of years ago (due to pain issues), have been resolved, it still becomes a problem for me with Throat Coat > 750 Mg. licorice root. Which is why I prefer Throat COMFORT.

Ginseng tea has the same effect on my BP - Less than one cup and BAM 170/103 !!! Last time I tried it, obviously.

My normal range is nearly perfect, as I monitor my BP regularly. Ginger Tea also has the same effect, though not as high of a BP reading.

I follow a strict regimen of herbal remedies and love my teas, however, there can be other medical issues and concerns to consider.

So yes, fellow singers Beware !

Just a note, but Slippery Elm has been used by singers since the 1800's...

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Throat Coat:

Just last spring, a singer&researcher named Christopher Watts, from James Madison University in Virginia, gave a scientific paper on Slippery Elm (as in Throat Coat tea) at the Voice Foundation Symposium on Care of the Professional Voice [long high-falutin name for one of the longest-running conferences bringing together ENTs, singers, and voice scientists]. This was 37th year of conference and approx the 3rd year to include a full session on "alternative" health for singers.

Dr. Chris Watt's investigation into the chemistry of Slippery Elm herb shows probable effects in (1) reducing inflammation and (2) maintaining moisture in throat lining. The discussion after his talk included info that glycerine -- the main active ingredient in several throat sprays that singers love -- gives the same symptom relief but does not actually help tissues heal, as Sl. Elm does. (You may think you're getting more benefit than you actually are.) At any rate, with or without licorice in the recipe, Slippery Elm does seem to be an herb that truly helps us.

I hesitate to give out someone else's email on a public forum, so if anyone wants to contact Dr. Watts for more, please email me individually.

Don't usually complain about weather in Los Angeles, but this week it's been chill and raining buckets, so even we are cozying up with tea!



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