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Rock/Metal song with D4-G4-Bâ™­4-D5 climb

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Hey, Hey,

H E R E you go!!!

This is a song by Harv Harbinson who is now a member of the band Stormzone if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, I really like the first bit of this song. It’s very lyric with all the long notes, but it’s really fun to do.

I have both a Shure SM58 microphone and a LS-10 voice recorder. I used the latter, because I can’t make my voice sound like anything using the mic. If that is due to bad projection, I should work on that, I guess. I’m classicaly trained and I did a lot of musical theater stuff, too, where microphone usage is pretty different. I record using the FireStudio Mobile and Studio One 2.

So, it sounds funny because the recording is quite dry, while my recording is super wet.

Up to B♭4 I seem to be fine, because I constrict a bit with the D5, which may sound nice to some, but I’d like to have it cleaner.

My tone seems quite balanced, but I think I can open up more.

Lyrics (I messed up here and there):

CONFUSION by Harv Harbinson

I thought we could make it.

My thoughts were misgiven, not knowing you took me for a fool.

What could I do as you stood before me?

I was amazed by your charm.

Twisting me round your little finger, requesting love was what I sought.

As I went to touch you, I could’ve settled on you.

You seem to mark me with your eyes.



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I think the vowel could be modded on the word eyes to open it up a little. Try pronouncing it "uhys" as in "guys" . I think it sounds great just the way it is. It has bite to it. You will lose some if that bite if you modify the vowel.

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