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Arabian Opera? ICS Vortex duplication help

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Carpe Mortem

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I'm new here so you know... be gentle and all that. I'm also an utter amateur so you know... well, you know.

I've been trying to imitate the style of ICS Vortex, my favorite vocalist, with little success. See older Dimmu Borgir songs, Arcturus, and Lamented Souls for reference. He has this fascinating, beautiful operatic voice that almost sounds middle eastern with all its trills and wobbling.

I can sing Iron Maiden pretty decently. I'm not spot on but I'm a chick so I have learned to accept that even as the baritone I am I'll never sound like a man. So the high notes and the rocking from one timbre to another I can do, but not to the extent and with the frequency that guy does. I just can't wobble from high notes and make it to the low notes with a continuous wobble, even with warm-ups and changing pitch. Kinda hard to explain I guess but maybe someone here knows what I mean.

Does anyone utilize a similar style? Any tips or practice suggestions for a clueless vagrant?

Nice place you got here by the way.

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A chick will not be baritone. Maybe an alto, however.

So, low-slung chick singers, eh?

And here's a chick who knows how to cover a song. In her own way, lower than the original.

So, do stuff like that. Be the next cool chick doing neat stuff that no one else does.

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Thank you, I am clueless about proper terminology. It doesn't bother me really but I enjoy knowledge.

I can't see any of what that stuff is, its all X's. But I have my own styles I know I'm good with, pretty confident and have had the input of others to the same effect. I really wanna master this new style and I can't seem to. I don't fuckin know why its been kinda driving me crazy. Check out 'The Chaos Path' by Arcturus for the best example of what I mean.

Basically, how does one do what I call a 'wobbling' voice, i.e. Iron Maiden's vocal crescendoes, from high notes to low notes in rapid succession, in the way that is done frequently in that song? Any helpful input on this appreciated, hope I've explained the question okay.

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Well, there is yodelling but I don't know if that is what you are talking about. Maybe you are talking about clean high notes and gritty low notes. For the most part, Bruce Dickinson does high notes clean and only does gritty notes in the lower end, like "Run to the Hills."


edited to add:

Okay, so he sang this mostly clean. Then, again, he is a licensed commercial airline pilot and was also flying the Boeing 757 they leased, re-named "Ed Force One." And, in this vid, he is in his mid-50's. So, he probably modified some things, maybe.

So, old IM or new IM?

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I have come to the conclusion that this is something I just need to keep attempting, and I will either get it eventually or I'm incapable of it. Basically I daydream about being able to sing like the dude... a lot.

Fun facts. I'm actually not a huge die-hard Iron Maiden fan so don't know what's old and what's new, but I enjoy the big hits (except run to the hills I hate that song) and a few lesser knowns thanks to die hard fan friends. I mainly like singing along, just because its so damn fun to do. Candlemass has a similar vocal style and I like individual songs better than most Iron Maiden, but as a whole they kinda suck and I only sing like three of their songs.

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