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Hey All - Best Starter Excersises for Trusting Passagio

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I've always been told I have a good voice or lots of potential so I decided to start singing. I love classical music and classic rock and always had a great time doing karaoke versions of Van Morrison or Journey, so I decided to actually practice my voice. I took two months of classical lessons, which really helped focus my breath support. I'm naturally very resonant and have a broad range, however, in my ear the color and sensation feels very strange in different registers, yet it projects very uniformly with a deep low resonance.

I want to know what has been the most useful thing to practice for working on the passagio and gaining a sense of ease or openness on a given note?

I practice scales and Major triads starting at D (below middle C) and up to E, then I go down as low as G or F# which is usually fry. Have gotten to F before. On the upper end I have gone as high as Bb "open" - which is a term I learned from classically trained friends. Realistically, without covering I'm only comfortable going as high as G without forcing myself and it feels very high and wussy in my inner ear - yet projects very deep and dark when I record it. Oh, and I do different vowels for each.

Does practicing notes around middle C in falsetto help even registers?

In rock songs higher than G I can do a Gillan-esque falsetto that sounds very loud and full but its the go between notes that I need to learn how to sing well either in full voice or some sort of mix because those are the notes I find myself feeling the most spent on when I rehearse with my band.

I have short clips from my iPhone I can upload but I have no idea how as I just got the damn thing!:D

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