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Beating a dead horse...(vocal grit)

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Adele and John Mayer come to mind. I don't remember specifics, but I think John Mayers was due to an abnormal growth though. And I guess you could call Adele's approach aggressive, her technique anyways. Not that she was anywhere near as aggressive as Dave Grohl.

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I think you are right, Derek.

Just like our own admin, Bob, had a polyp and it never could be attributed to his singing. And cleared it with time and rehab and without surgery.

I think he suspected it had to do with the way he talks, rather than how he sings, which is different than how he talks.

The thing about Adele is not just a technical issue, it was also workload.

The nature of the biz these days is to grab as much of the brass ring as you can. It used to be that a band or artist could expect 5 good years and 3 good albums.

Now, your just the flavor of the day. So, a singer often performs a grueling schedule of shows, back to back, sleeping in transit with crappy food. And having to do interviews with radio and tv when they should be sleeping and recuperating.

Compare that to singers at the turn of the 20th century. It might take a week to get to the next engagement. One performance a night, lodging less than a mile from the venue. Catered food. And not having to hear yourself over a 130 dB sound system.

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