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Tonsil surgery and singing

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Hello everybody!

I've read that getting your tonsils removed doesn't affect your singing voice but I am really scared because I might have to have a tonsil surgery and the thing is I think I use my tonsils when singing. This might sound funny but is this possible? I have similar voice to Christina Aguilera and if you know her then you know that her vocals sound kind of like a black womans singing voice. Does she use her tonsils when singing? Also does tonsil surgery affect belting notes?

Hope for your quick response!

If there are any grammar mistakes then sorry because english isn't my native language :)

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No tonsils don't effect your singing and you don't use them in singing. The good thing is your voice will probably sound more resonant. Because there will be less soft tissue stoping the sound waves. I have giant tonsils and sometimes think when I speak it sounds like I have potatoe mouth. I wish I got them removed as a kid. Don't worry you will be fine and singing great.

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