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Singing when sick... but I sound wayyyy better. What's going on?

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So I have a little tickle in my throat, not a full on cold... nothing different is happening with my voice (i think) when speaking, but my singing voice is noticeably much better... warmer. For what it's worth, while usually I can grumble to two Es below middle C and never much lower (not that I ever really sing way down there), today I found I could go down to a C#... I wasn't trying to... just singing along to a bass line in the car. Weird.

Trying to think of what feels different and I think it might have something to do with sort of suppressing a cough while I sing, does that make any sense? I also feel like there's a slight uh sound under the notes, but i could be making that up.

I dunno, just kinda puzzled and don't want to lose it once I get healthy again ha! Any thoughts are greatly appreciated

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It's very common to be able to sing lower than normal when your throat is full of mucus.

It's the same reason why your voice sounds lower and deeper in the morning (or whenever you first wake up) than say, when you've been awake 10 hours running around all day.

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That "uh" sound you describe is something you might want to try holding on to for those low notes. I've used the "uh" to keep my throat open with a low larynx in the chest register and really expand the richness of the tone in those low notes. Not really applicable to high rock singing, but if it's the lows you're seeking, it might do the trick.

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