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False Cord Use

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Hey all,

Does anybody have any basic exercises or tips for using False Cords? If somebody can concisely spell out what is happening and how to become aware of the parts of your body in use that would be great. I've read a bit, and understand that most of the popular singers who use false chord screams (Chester Bennington, Matt Shadows, Axl, Cornell) are not singing or crescendoing into a scream - they are doing a vocal affect which creates distortion and the mic gives the impression of loud screaming.

I saw Robert Lunte's video on the "Pterodactyl Scream" and I could do that inhale and exhale the second after I watched the video. Would like to know how to create that kind of distorition healthily on a given pitch - just to have as a tool in the trick bag.

Here's a good example - I believe he uses False Cord throughout this song. This isn't my type of music, I just think this kind of effect could be cool in an AC/DC cover. He does a good job going from grit into scream, back into singing sometimes on the same breath.

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I will add this.

I once thought I was doing overlay distortion. Jonpall informed me I was talking about False Vocal Fold distortion. So, he might have more appropriate knowledge on this than I would have.

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Do Axl and Cornell utilize the false folds in their screams? That's news to me - I'll have to listen for it.

Anyway, I've experimented with some false fold screaming myself. Was auditioning for a band who talked me into trying a whole song of just screaming basically. I actually was surprised that I pulled it off repeatedly (I believe the SM58 made it sound even more impressive than it actually was), but my throat was pretty hurting the next day. Oh boy, haha. No high notes at all from the swelling (ok, so I pounded a few Guinness after the audition too). All in all, I'd say that the best technique for this brand of singing (besides proper support, which always applies) is to basically not give a damn about whatever damage you're doing! lol

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Uppity up:

Dafuq's the latest word on false cord? Melissa Cross doesn't advocate grunting. Jaime doesn't either, but what on earth does FFDP's vocalist do if not grunting? (White knuckles)

Also, Demon Hunter is a band with songs that have growling vocals paired with great cleans, and I especially like the tone in the singer's growl. It sounds like he's grunting too? (Follow the wolves)

And uhhh Scar Symmetry (Illusionist).

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I personally don't like it, but that's what I call supported "palate rattling."


It's not being sung half as loud as it sounds and to do it safely you must maintain high placement, an open throat and keep the sound  from falling down into the throat.


Like anything else it takes practise. You don't need a lot of adduction.


Daniel Formica is good on this stuff.

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