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We Found Love/Umbrella -Rihanna - Am I singing too loud/too much power

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Hi, I know it's me again! Haha, probably sick of seeing me now lol!

Anyway, here is my newest cover. I was just wondering if I'm going into songs too hard because in most of my recent songs my voice is very... Boomy?

If I tried to go quieter it doesn't feel natural and my voice just cracks, I'm using open throat, breathing from the diaphragm and 'bearing down' or pushing from my stomach.


Eta: just ignore the quiet parts this song is open as a duet on the app, hence the vocal breaks as well.

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Keep doing what you are doing. Don't worry that your voice is "too boomy." Do what it is that your voice does.

My opinion and $170 USD will get you a Diet Coke. I swear to God or whatever you think is holy or valid to swear by, when I hear someone is going to do a cover, I really, really, really don't care if they are doing an exact copy of sound and timbre. I am expecting to hear how the song sounds in a different voice. Which makes me an odd guy, I guess.

I think you did well on these and should do some more. More importantly, start writing your own stuff. And if you don't play an instrument, that's okay. Award-winning (notice, I said award-winning" songwriter James Blum cannot play an instrument. He hums melodies and lyrics into a portable digital recorder and then gets with a friend of his who plays guitar and they figure out the arrangement from there. So, fiind yourself a guitar or piano player to flesh out what you write.

You won't make a career from doing covers. You will make a career from unique music of your own, spiced here and there with covers you like doing.

Led Zeppelin's first album had a "cover" song on it. I dare you to figure out which song. Because they did the cover as if they wrote it.

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They're just instrumentals of YouTube and I'm not confident enough to change it around yet, I'm still trying to work on my vocals.

But you are right, I don't know anyone who plays an instrument but I will work on writing some stuff anyway.

Thanks for the reply :)!

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