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Mum Mum and Nay Nay excercise (Head voice)

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Your doing your nays wrong for the intention of the exercise. The nays are supposed to he supersharp and annoying, imagine your a Super anmoying kid... I mean it really overdo it, your still stuck in "singingmode" when your doing these now. By singingmode your stillsomewhere trying to "sing" or vocalize to beautiful for these exercises.

Try the same and realkly overdo it.

For the nays use a voice like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwLn_His9Yw

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Hey Compiled, im with Jens on this.

I am no vocal instructor, so take what I give you with a grain of salt :)

Singing for the stars also uses these exercises as well.

The Nay exercises help achieve better chord closure in your head voice.. They must sound whiny, and nasally in order to be effective. Just like Jens says, don't worry about singing while doing these exercises. You are supposed to sound exaggerated for this to work. Doing the Nasally nay sound causes your larynx to go up.

Mum's should sound much dopier than you did in your recording. When you say "Duh" in a dopey way, you will notice your larynx dampens. Talking like Barney the kid's character also does that. Anyways, when doing the mums, you need to achieve the same lowered larynx condition for it to work. The mum get's you vocal chord closure in your chest voice.

Here is a video talking about the lowered larynx exercise.

Hope this helps.

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