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Surround Me by Scott Stapp

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I liked it. You sound nothing like Scott but you sound inspired and that is what counts.

Scott is a legit baritone and even describes himself as a baritone.

Whereas, you are more tenor. His higher notes are closed vowels and kind of nasal. Whereas as, your higher notes are open, non-nasal, more belted and pressed. A neat and different sound that like.

In the past five years or so, I have grown to appreciate Scott Stapp as a singer. He has a trained voice. I use to think he was similar to Eddie Vedder. I thought that "Higher" was a new PJ song. But closer listening proved how wrong I was. Eddie Vedder is less trained and more prone to "shouting" whereas Stapp actually sings.

One of my favorite songs, thanks to exposure to it from my boss, who feels it is his favorite of the Creed list, is "One Last Breath." I think you could totally own this song, in your own voice, if you feel inclined to do so.

edited to add:

You would have to understand the stress of what we endure at work, in our business to understand that "maybe six feet ain't so far down." Indeed.

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