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Tied up diaphragm?

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Ever had this feeling after a long/demanding workout/performance as if your diaphragm is kinda bound or tied up and wouldn't release/go back to it's place naturally?

I'm not sure if it's the diaphragm itself or the other abdominal muscles, but it feels like it.

Best I can describe it is you start a phrase with the diaphragm/stomach in it's proper neutral position, then at the end of the phrase when you ease on the support, instead of it going back to that neutral start position, it kinda stays locked and you have to "think" it manually back to neutral.

Does that make sense? Anyone ever encounter this sensation? Any tips?

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I know what you're talking about. I would practice always completely relaxing after a phrase. Don't think about pushing out, but just naturally let go of everything to take a breath. You can also massage your diaphragm area to try to loosen it up also.

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The previous 2 posts seem like good advice to me. Try taking it easy a bit more - make sure you're not locking the diaphragm. If you're screaming, that's one thing, but as Jaime Vendera would say, otherwise it should be "firm but flexible." Flexible is the keyword. I can also imagine you'd feel some tightness if you're not used to using those muscles so much. Keep at it! Exercise the support with the old "lay on your back and put a book on your stomach" method. Maybe try some stretching exercises or yoga as well to help loosen yah up. Good luck and do report back!

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