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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Cover (Winehouse Edition)

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Of the covers you have put up, this one is pretty good. In the others, you are off pitch, a lot. I can't point to one word in the lyric, on those others. This one, maybe it was because you had a guitar to play while you were doing the song.

I applaud doing a song your own way. Like fellow member jonathon doing a slow acoustic cover of "Wasted Years."

And your version of this song makes me think of how it would sound if Marilyn Manson did this, unplugged.

I think you have the right voice for singing the higher stuff. I also think you could use some lessons or a study system. I know, in your intro thread, you mentioned you recently just got into singing. You have the performing thing down fine, as far as presence and confidence. You do need some technical tuning.

I know that jazz can use some scoops and slides in the vocal line. But it still requires pitch accuracy. For example, in "At Last," yes, the phrase has a slide. But the slide ends on a definitive note, not a continuation to somewhere unidentifiable.

So, I would suggest taking the guitar, pick a note, practice that note with no wavers, no scoops, no slides, no changing of tone from creak to full. Just start on full. You can bring those things back in later.

I think you have the right voice and feel for jazz.

Along with pitch accuracy, you will need to control the breath better because that is what helps hold the note. Right now, you are singing from some kind of residual breath pressure. Breath support or management is controlling the exhale. Breathe in relaxed, control the exhale. Meter the air.

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