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Are these the same octave?

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Hi guys!

I'm a total noob singer. Like really noob. xD So have mercy!

Anyway, I was trying to sing this song (it's in Korean, sorry! T_T)

But my voice...doesn't match theirs at all. o_o


Am I an octave too low or is my voice just really different from theirs?

Cause if I try to sing it an octave higher, I still don't sound like them...I sound like a compleeeete girl. T_T


I'm really, really confused. Can you guys help me out? Thanks! ^^

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You sound less like a girl than you think. I was expecting a hooty soft weak sound, but it’s rather okay.

You’re in the correct octave the second time.

Use a program like Audacity and raise the pitch of the song half a step each time. Or use a keyboard and do it like that. If somewhere you find it hard to move a level up, stay in that level.

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xD oh....but....why does my voice have no bass at that level? o_o the original singers still have it!

Because you are not the original singers and never will be. Be yourself.

What's wrong with sounding like a girl? When I was a teenager, people on the phone thought I was a woman. I survived. Now, I am tall, scary-looking, and I still sound like a woman (to me.) But that's okay. I can sing soprano stuff.

Kidding aside, some voices just don't have a lot of low overtones in them. Develope the voice that you have and make it work for you and be a rock star.

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