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Singing classes? Do they help?

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I am a high scholar and I am interested in music and I play guitar and I sing as well. But people usually say that we need to go to singing classes then I searched in the internet for those classes and found out that there were many of them. Like this singingbelt.com and so many of others and it kind a make me think should I take this class. As I can sing in low pitch but it’s really hard for me to sing in high pitch which is usually hard for boys, and so I was wondering that do these classes helps you build a high pitch voice beyond your natural ability through exercises and stuffs? Is it worth to take these classes?

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The singingbelt? Man, now I've seen it all.

To answer your question, yes it's worth it if you can find a good teacher and afford the price. You can always engage in self study, get some books, watch youtube videos, etc but it helps to check in with someone who can analyze your technique and correct it if necessary. You need to really want it and commit to learning, though. If you are passionate about building your voice, it is an incredibly rewarding journey.

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Youve got great coaches here onthe forum. I mean people hang here for a reason so to speak. I would pick one of those :)

Like Robert,Daniel or felipe all three really nice guys but more importantly great coaches.

Cheers bro

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