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Please help me with some exercises on how to achieve lower notes?

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So i only recently became really enthusiastic about singing, have never had any coaching and am limited in my ability, but I would like to pursue it and practice and become better.

Im an 18 year old male, im not interested in higher notes, I just want to get lower, my number 1 goal is to acquire the bass capabilities of Avi Kaplan from pentatonix acapella group. Currently I can with great effort reach two notes below E2, is that C2? Its late and I cant think properly haha but anyway I just really really want some tips on how I can significantly lower my voice to the range of avi, thats down to A1 or something

So do you guys know what steps should I take to achieve this goal? What exercises must I do? Ive done some research and I found the classification of "Bass" is anything below E2, is that right? so im in the upper levels of bass, I want to get to the lowest levels. Help?

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Your first off only 18 very few are basses at that age... The bigger the voice are the later it matures, so chill rlax your voice sing alot, and spend time down there as much as you can

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I think you may have missed the subtlety in Jens' point. Don't worry about time line. Just do it. Singing is not an app you can download to your phone.

But the basics apply. Control the exhale. Resonate. Check your pitch against a tuned instrument.

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