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Livin' in Hysteria

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I made an effort not to have a pitch that's all over the place. I tried to record all the pitchy parts

till they were correct but I fear my sense of pitch is not the best.

A not so "distortion-oriented" version : https://app.box.com/s/9g4l7vn5xa5lyetp971i

This one is sung heavier and is the full song : https://app.box.com/s/dbi0g8vv4seug7pyxdg8

Besides any comments you might have I'd like to know the following :

Do you hear an overall better pitch ?

Which one do you find more convincing ?

Are there any parts that sound weird/ridiculous ? (eg the distorted version in the verses)



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Although I like the "weight" of the heavier version and you have an awesomely heavy voice, i think the cleaner version is more unified. Because in either recording, you are singing the highest notes kind of clean.

In the heavy version, the high notes are a little "different" partly because I think you are trying to maintain the rasp.

In the cleaner version, you are already clean and give yourself permission to stay clean as you go up. So, the clean version is more homegenous. Whole.

That's something I learn, too. That sometimes one has to change one's approach, depending on the song.

And maybe you aren't used to singing clean, as much. Or you just have a heavy voice and need to really let go.

I think most of your problem recently is second-guessing yourself. Give yourself permission to do it your way.

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Thanks for your comment man, I get what you're saying.

You know, there's a number of fears associated with my singing lately, one being

that this particular voice might sound weird or even ridiculous, the other being that,

although I am starting to access my head voice in a strain-free way and I maintain the

brightness, I lack the time to warm-up and down (everything I've recorded is "cold") and

fear I start to rely more and more on this "growly" voice which instead of helping me build a more

connected tone, it favors the separation of chest/head.

Ultimately, it does come down to having the time to work on your voice, instead of being "happy go lucky".

I want to thank you, for being so reassuring about my tone and for your suggestion to continue

using any uniqueness to my voice/doing it my way instead of trying to go for somebody else's tone,

I agree 100% with you. I have been a lot happier with my singing lately than ever before.

Any other opinions ?

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i think i prefer the cleaner version, Really nice high D's and vibrato

i have to admit i'm not familiar with the original tune

i think if you should try backing off on the covered sound a little in the verses

the bridge and chorus are simpley great though.

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Thanks for your input Chavie.

I think that from what both of you are saying I should try and tackle the verses in a

"chestier" "clean" type rather than rely on the easy covered head type.

Thanks a lot


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Thanos, i really like your tone, we have a similair heavy, chesty head tone you and i. The problem with my voice when i add grit is that i tend to strain too much because i need alot of weight to be able to maintain the grit, and if i let go of it i tend to lose the grit. i think you have a similair problem. And, Thanos, i must point out that warming up is a great advantage at least it is for me. I usually warm up 30 minutes up to an hour in the morning and then my voice is much better in the afternoon or evening and i can sing very challenging songs much easier. If i don´t have much time due to work or something i usually practise/scream my guts out for an hour and then my voice is more ready the day after and i can start to sing almost immiediately that day. That helps for me at least.

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I used to warm up to ktva3 every morning, but this last year has been ... never mind.

I do have a similar problem when I add grit but only when I involve chest voice, not when I do what you hear.

This is all above the passagio, it's all an over-twanged type of head voice (or something similar) and it comes

very easy. Too easy some times. The key here is to maintain the ping/bright light tone underneath and focus on that, otherwise this grit falls inside the throat (that's exactly how it feels then) and it grinds the vocal chords. It's loud as hell but I don't need to push anything and I'd like to state that the recording does not capture the aggression this voice produces, when you hear it live it's like a machine gun.

I'd like to ask you guys, can you tell this is disconnected from chest voice ?

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