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The children play

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Like a remorseful demon in a moment of redemption, that's what it made me think of. I have not heard the original. Your vibrato is a bit loose but I think that works for this version. The pitch was good, though the slow vibrato can be deceptive. But, like I said, it made for a loose and forlorn feel that I thought was appropriate.

Sounded like there was a minor tonal flip or switch in one of the mid-range notes.

In this song, you seem to sound stronger on the closed vowels than the open vowels.

I liked it.

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Thanks a lot Ron. I recorded and re-recorded but now that I listen to it I find there are still weird or pitchy spots here and there. I have to admit that when I put on the headphones, I really struggle because what I hear in those shitty little cans is not what I hear in the room. It does kill the my concentration 90% of the time.

There is indeed a tonal flip to hit those notes which I understand are no problem for most but

used to drive me nuts in the past. I don't know if I could do this piece entirely clean, I might give it a go.

One more thing, I shouldn't have used a limiter in a ballad and not having a proper backing track means there is no way to properly mix the voice in with the music.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.


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I gave it another go :

This one with all the mid section in a light/heady voice :


And here the mid section in full voice :


Obviously I changed my mixing chain to a more appropriate one.

Better ? Worse ?

The second one in this post is the strongest one. Even though it is clean and legit. This one, I believe. I just got goosebumps listening to it. That's a compliment. I see into the soul of Thanos, a demon finding redemption and the beauty that lies within.

Freakin' awesome.

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Wow, thanks Ron. I have to admit I am starting to understand some of my mistakes (eg. the "ee"s on that

full voice part) but the more I sing, the more I can control things.

As soon as I have a decent internet connection again, I´ll try to correct any issues.

I have to admit that when nobody else is commenting, it does make me think that it might be because

it is atrocious and they are trying to be polite, but I too hear parts that I don´t like.

Thanks again buddy,


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