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Complete adult beginner wants to learn classical technique

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Hi all,

I'm 24 and took my first vocal lesson yesterday. I'm very excited and can't wait for the next lesson.

I wonder if it possible to improve my voice especially resonance with training? My voice sounds very thin. It doesn't have the depth. When classical singers sing, their voice has this thickness and depth. Is this something that can be developed or it is built in my voice box?

Secondly, is it possible to sing reasonably beautifully just by taking lessons and practicing? I play the violin so I know anyone can play reasonable well with enough practice and instructions. I wonder if it the same with singing?


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Yes to everything.

And to clarify on the second question, mostly the former, maybe a touch of the latter but it's quite insignificant. Achieving thickness, depth, and resonance is definitely something everyone can accomplish with training.

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Bob, that is a good point. First, we have to define beautifully. Then, also, "reasonably' beautiful. As compared to what?

Beyond pitch accuracy and relevant volume, what is there? Tone? Mick Jagger has a voice that is NOT pretty. And more money than he can spend in a lifetime.

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