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Voice feels heavy, how to lighten up?

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Hi all!

Im new here but im also not new coz i been visiting this webite before! :)

I have slowly improved my singing over the years. Since lessons are quiet expensive at times, i managed to take a few and also learn things by myself.

I post here a link of my singing! I sing short clips here. I sort of know the sensation of how to sing efficiently, but i wonder how to sing sort of lighter? I feel my voice is atm a bit too "heavy". I do focus on support and twang, as i know they are like the fuel and oil for the car to roll. :)

I like to sing soulful tunes, one voice i love is J Moss.. I means its a male voice but this is the type of voice i strive for :)

Please help me! Singing is really like freedom to me!


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Oh sorry! Hres the link

I did improve my voice with speech level singing.. But i sort of explored my singing with help from cvt when i sing songs.

When i mean to get lighter i want to sort of be lighter in my chest so i can bring that sensation up to higher pitches without tensing becoz i either tense or flip to like an airy off balance mode. I sort of get it right from time to time but if u can listen to my clips maybe u can share advice on what would boost my progress? :)

Right now i feel my chest is too heavy, and i know if i lighten it up i can bring it up the effiecient chest to the notes of head voice. You see?


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to the beginner readers, watch that term "light."

it can get easily misconstrued....you need to maintain the same intensity (be it light or heavy) from the bottom to the top.

let the vowel let you through (the passaggio) and take you up. you hit a ceiling when you have failed to maintain your support and have failed to narrow.

this is true no matter how light or heavy your want to sing.

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