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Answers to singing louder higher and having more" chest"

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Hey guys watch this video and how he sings the same note c5 3:39(headier less intense,less cord mass vibrating) 4:04 (chestier more support more intense more cord vibrating)) This is done with great technique and he has been singing since he was 6 with a family of singers so are you going to get this in a couple lessons and watching a couple videos or pulling chest up high or going to falsetto. NO you will get this in time with good practice..

Knowing what you are practicing is correct. You find it from a good place(some singer more falsettoey than others) and in time it will grow

Please watch the whole video. This guy was a huge influence on me and my singing and I can't believe he did this channel and I just found.:mad:

he is awesome enjoy!!!

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i sometimes wonder if you devote yourself to a production of voice like this (as beautiful as it clearly is) will you make a tradeoff to singing other kinds of songs?

what other kinds of songs? i'm not sure.......

what do you folks think?

No I've seen him live and he has so much control he does whatever he wants. As a matter of fact at the show I saw him in. I said to myself "the only thing he hasn't done with his voice is the big opera notes" and sure enough he did an aria and killed it..

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... and yet another video that makes me just want to sell all my band gear and sell dogfood or insurance.


Don't feel so bad. I am an electrician by trade, an electrical company manager by occupation. And, as a singer, I am a really good barbecue chef. Me talking about my smoked brisket is not bragging, just a statement of fact.


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