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witches cackle/squeeky door

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Don't quote me on this, as you can see the other thread (about my difficulty producing any kind of phonation, even falsetto, like C5 and above) I started on why I'm not currently trying it out to test, but I think both are similar to the "quack and release" onset as they are used to find twang.

I can still remember quacking/cackling a lot to try to get compression like a year ago.

I think for the cackle (I've never tried the squeaky door) that you should produce an " EEEE EEE EEE" in the head voice. I would post an example if I was currently practicing this very minute, but like I said above, I'm not going to attempt to out of practice and possibly hurt myself. Sorry if you are a learner by example.

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Hi Keith, can you do vocal fry?

If I am not mistaken, the "squeaky door" is a very edgy sound on an 'ee' vowel. This tool is useful is you tend to flip at your first bridge or generally lack cord closure. You can do it staccato (easier to get closure) or legato. If you can do vocal fry you should have no problem doing the "squeaky door". Depending on your voice this might or might not be a good exercise for you.

About the witches cackle. Isn't it just some kind of very nasty sound used to find "twang"? It can help thin out the cords and connect your head register to your chest. So that would be the same type of sound as a whiny nasty "nay". You can also try "miaow", like a cat. Or imitate a baby crying.

Hope that helps,


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keith, maybe it would help to approach it from the "actor" in you.

"neeah" just like a kid making fun of another kid...you know, when a little kid wants to make fun of another they sing something like "harry's got a big head..."neeah, neeah......neeah, neeah, neeah.....

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What they are after when saying Witches Cackle is twang. The same sound is used as Bob suggested A BRATTY WINEY CHILD. Also the AFLACK DUCK when he says AFLACK. The Sound is also used in mimicing a diving Airplane. BUGS BUNNY "AAAANH" that he uses before "What's up doc?"

Creaky Door is just what is says. The sound of a door creaking. I can usually get this sound in the upper range better in the morning .

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Keith, It sounds to me that in the Video of your band you are already using the effects of the WITCHES CACKLE or twang. In the lower parts the sound that you use is sharp and compressed rather than Soft and smooth like Bing Crosby. You also use it in the higher areas of your voice. The sneer that can be seen on your face when you sing higher is evidence of it.

In your video at 2:24 "What am I doing?" "I don't under-STAND" on the stAND you add a little distortion type of thing. THAT is twang WITCHES CACKLE.

In the midrange you seem to be singing more OPEN less TWANGY.

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Witches Cackle....Twang........Wicked Witch of the West.......Witch on Bugs Bunny........Bugs Bunny......Lucille Ball(I love Lucy)......Fran Dresher.......Ethel Merman.......Edith Bunker........Whiney Brat Down the road ........

Afflack Duck........Quack..........Diving Airplane....... Curly from the Three Stooges..."OH! WISEGUY! Aye.

I had been mimicing all of these things for years never realizing that they were helpful to singing.

Most of the "Singing Guides" that I read would always mention OPEN THROAT which I always viewed as opposite to what these sounds represent.

The sound will guide you to the coordination.

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