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Martin, what I hear is just low resonance volume and more source. So what I do is raise the larynx as much as I can and correct the sound quality with the vowels (which is the same of head voice, without the larynx compensation).

Is this the same unballance you are describing? Because I sincerely never heard demonstration of distortion creating that, its always more the "cookie monster" thing, which is cool but would not fit well.

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Im sorry Martin, but once more, it just has nothing to do with the distortion, I can add distortion to what I do on the 2nd clip, its still different.

If the difference is very relevant or not on this particular song, I would say no, but for some things its important. And the difference in execution is huge.

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Yes, I believe you can.

I also started with saying that your two clips were:

1: Curbing with dark sound color.

2: Curbing with bright sound color.

So yes, they are very different in that respect. AND you can add distortion to those two approaches as well if you wish :)

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Felipe, Do you believe you sang it different on all three clips?

Martin, Is CVT the method and training that you use?

The last two clips of Felipes' sounded the same to me. A little more distortion at times on the third but underlying tone sounded the same. The first seemed the same technique but lowered larynx.Not what anyone is suggesting as to the full (Chesty sound) that Lou is using.

Lou may be using the same technique as Felipe. Lou just has a naturally thicker sound in that area.

Yes, I can be wrong in my perception. I ask questions because I can be wrong not because I think someone else is wrong.

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in this clip it's pretty evident the onset is 'h" based and you can easily hear the support lock down kicking in.

it's a royal bitch getting the vibrato on the "is" and the "me" in the chorus.


and this clip you hear a more piercing tone (in the chorus).......all of this stuff is so friggin' interesting to me.


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Is there a diffence in CVTs curbing and Estills belting? One is described as a tilted larynx or thyroid cartilage"CVT" and the other "Estill" as a tilted crycoid. note: neither one states for sure that anything tilts.

Could Lou be using an Estill belt instead of Curbing?

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If you can get the same acoustic sound with different physiology how can you say what technique a person is using if using CVT terms? Wouldn't the term Technique imply a physical setup of some kind?

I have read that Curbing is a cry with hold( Physical setup). In a cry The thyroid cartilage and Cricoid are drawn closer together in the front stretching the vocal folds. Creates a thinner sound. In Estills cricoid tilt the Thyroid cartilage and the cricoid are further apart in the front. Also stretches the folds but allows for a fuller sound.

I am not stating facts. I am asking questions. I do not know which or if any of these statements are true.

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yes, i agree....is it the curbing that's responsible for the sense of depth? as i've said before, i hear a lot of depth in the voice....a mix of light and dark...i hear hoot in his voice.

Yes, that's what I meant when I said it is "held back" a lot, it is not as "chesty" as Overdrive for example, it is more of a light mass approach, but with enough compression to still sound "metallic" in some way. I think he uses Curbing on a pretty high volume, but it is still not a heavy, fully metallic configuration.

I think Felipe does it right in his third clip. More energy, higher larynx, but still not leaving the vowel space of Curbing mode (or the "heady" placement).

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I dunnowhat you are searching for bob you already know how to do these sounds... It's not magic it's not superspecial or a secret mode or similar. Nor do these sounds contain more depth than any other similar sounds(curbing from other singers)

I think it's just your normalfanboying of lou thats responsible for this ;) as i ssid ive heard your clips you already know how to sound likethis.

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i do know how, yes, i know.....

....but you run into some of his other songs like the one i posted ("heaven on our side") about in the beginning that's so difficult you hope someone else on the forum might have done it.

jens, you probably can do the end parts of that song...any advice? that's all i was after...how to sing the second half of that song.....

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brother ron, why do you say that?

It was not meant to be an insult or bad vibes. And Jens pointed to it. It is no secret to anyone who has been here a while that for you, Lou is the penultimate. A number of people, some with as much experience singing as any of us and certainly more experience analyzing than I would have, have already stated what they hear Lou is doing. And you have politely disagreed with it, even asking or suggesting that maybe you are the only one hearing the depth you are talking about.

Felipe did a great job, regardless of how he or anyone wants to describe what he did. And it simply was not "Lou" enough. And never will be. Which, of course, leads to cliches by "lazy" ron. :)

We can analyze it to death, we can theorize all the goosenfrabe technique until our tongues fall out. In the end, whether one believes in evolution or God, Lou has a special gift in that particular sound in his voice. I can sing pretty much anything on my Foreigner 3-cd greatest hits set. But I don't share it here because I don't want to be compared to Lou.

You could sing their entire catalog but you would have to sing it like Bob, not Lou.

Nor was my previous post or this one to point out anything wrong with you. You are just fine. And I said nothing inaccurate by stating that Felipe was not "Lou" enough. It's a fact, nothing to get upset about.

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