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here's proof that looks don't always count

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Yeah, Bob, if that guy had some intellectual honesty, he would admit to being a victim of his own perceptions. Which is? You guessed it.

Jewel is so humble. And a good sense of humor. And she married a real cowboy, a bronc-busting rodeo star and they live in? I will give you three guesses. :P

Cool stuff.

And good thing voice doesn't always match looks. I sing way prettier than I look. :lol: :lol:

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True, no one really dissed her, except for the drunk guy at the end who thought that the "homely" girl was slightly better than the "real thing." And when it was pointed out to him, he lacked the intellectual honesty to admit his stupidity.

Listening is mental. That could almost be a mantra or cliche. But only for the strong of heart ....

(okay, ron, shut up ....)

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