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Quick fix or stall for sore throat/cold - help!

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Hi there,

I have a performance tomorrow night with a new band, and my wife recently brought home a sore throat/cold which I can feel coming on (sinuses are filling up, throat is already scratchy). This isn't something that I can bail out of as the rest of the band is depending on me and we don't have a backup singer. It is also the first live gig with these guys and I want to bring the best I can - bad timing for a cold.

Anyone have any way I can survive and keep things okay for the next 36 hours? I don't mind getting sick as a dog - as long as it is Sunday morning.

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Doc, prescribed medication, tons of water, lots of sleep, light meal tonight, I would have a tea with ginger to relief any inflamation, 0,9% saline solution to clean your nose. And tomorrow, besides the water all day, a long and really careful warm-up. Sing by the book, all technical even if it feels fine to let go a bit, careful with any meds or mints or teas that are anesthetic before singing, you will want to feel everything more than ever.

This of course if the gig is really unavoidable... Its really not a good idea to sing when you have anything wrong with your vocal tract, even if your technique is capable of handling it...


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