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How to release into a high note, instead of sliding up to it

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I am working on a song by Soundgarden - Mind riot, and there is a part where Cornell releases into a D5 note. I can slide up to that note with the tone i like, it takes a lot of support, but when I release into it, it is lighter and not in the configuration that I want. It feels like i cannot get the compressed sound or the feeling that you are gripping to something, but instead it goes out in head voice and it should be mixed I think. Any tips?

That's the song, the phrase that Im talking about is at 1:37:

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That note is cleaner than you think it is. Light onset and lean into it a little bit. Lower notes is where he brings in a little more rasp, ala Ronnie James Dio.

And thanks for resurrecting some old Soundgarden. Nothing like the classics. :) One of the best hard rock bands, regardless of what the record company called them.

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Okay, here are three recordings.

That's kinda what I'm aiming for, but I get it 3 out of 5 times:


That's what happens the other 2 times:


And that's the verse, but as I said, the problem lies in that particular part of the chorus.


As you hear Felipe, I'm not doing anything aggressive in the chorus, I am singing it quite light.

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may i make a suggestion?

change your mental approach to the note....

approach the note not as something you go up to, or slide up to.....view it as a note to take off from.

try not to view it as a high note but simply as a note. it also helps to view a high note as something you take off of a high shelf rather than something you to reach up and put onto a high shelf.

hope this helps.

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