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Clip of Pillars Register 4 bridging and extreme scream exercise

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Hey, I recorded this to get an idea of how it sounds. Am I doing this right? The little whiny dog noises are really hard for me. Used my cell phone to record it. Sorry about the camera position, I wasn't worried about it at the time lol.

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Two things:

If I remember correctly the whiny dog thing is supposed to be done on the bottom pitch of the scale, not just any pitch.

You were going too heavy and bridging too late in the beginning. Toward the end it got better. But for this exercise its far better to bridge on the early side or even just stay in head voice the entire time.

Good start though. Make sure you are also practicing the high range in other ways. Singing really high tessitura songs, perhaps even those sung by a female, experimenting with vowel shades, imitating those of other singers, experimenting with onsets (the y consonant is a good one, also try a "silent h")...that stuff is what helped me most to develop the high range.

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