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Vocal cord granuloma...

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Hello all, on a recent visit to the voice specialist, I was informed that I had a contact granuloma on the arytenoid cartilage. I was wondering if anybody here has ever dealt with this issue before and what you may have done to combat it. I was told that it could have something to do with reflux, which I have been told I have a "mild" case of. Also, just recently started taking voice lessons which should put me back on the right track. Thanks in advance for your time.

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Yes, jlewmdob, I have worked with a number of people with granuloma. Unless related to a surgical intubation, these are usually caused by some combination of reflux, stress, and overly-aggressive voice use. So you'll be helped by the normal kinds of health & wellness principles as folks with nodules: rest, retraining, reflux management.

Granuloma lesions are especially gnarly because (1) they can actually hurt (2) surgically removing the granuloma is often incomplete & they grow back. If the doc gives you lifestyle recommendations, follow them as best you can. It's important.

If you haven't been referred to speech therapy, ASK.


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Dear jlewmdob, I agree wholeheartedly with Joanna, get yourself to a speech therapist as well. As I wrote in another post about reflux and as Joanna has alluded to, deal with your diet first. The throat always takes the hit when the body gets full of acid and mucus. The lymph glands swell up and the entire mechanism gets overloaded. Then we continue to sing, push and overuse an already stressed vocal mechanism. For some interim relief, I would suggest taking a few drops of Oerganol P73 oil and sage in a few ounces of warm water and gargle lightly. This will relieve some of the irritation and inflamation. Prepare yourself, the oregano oil is very strong but incredibly effective. It is also okay if you swallow it. It will only do good for your body.

Good luck,

David Aaron Katz

Superior Vocal Health


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