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just wanted point something out

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hey folks,

did anyone ever notice the ratio between the number of folks who view a post vs. those who reply to a post? wouldn't be nice if more folks replied even if it's just a quickie comment?

I've noticed that, too. It's especially noticable in some sections, like the "review and critique my singing" section. Some of it may simply be that a post was interesting enough to read but not to comment on. Or a number of people may not feel qualified to comment on something. That's never stopped me.:lol:

You can't learn if you don't ask questions and sometimes, I may comment, and be wrong, and get schooled on it, as we used to say. And then learn something. Or maybe someone can learn from my post. Not because I'm a teacher but because I represent myself as a layman, not a vocal professional at all. But I am a member of the buying public, your (in general) current and future audience. I might say something inaccurate but it might lead someone to think and wonder, hmm, how do I do this differently so that simple Ron can get it?

And I learn from my own mistakes.

There's some threads I don't necessarily comment on. Either I don't have anything I think is constructive to offer or didn't feel inspired to comment on. Other times, such as in a singing post, the singing may be off and I most specifically don't want to discourage someone by "being mean." I will consciously look for something good in it to reinforce or build upon. It takes a bit of courage to offer up a singing example. I can teach you in one lesson how to play the intro to "Barracuda" by Heart. Well enough that you could submit it and not have any doubts. But the voice? That's so personal and to submit your vocals of that same song may fill you with trepidation. For the natural inclination is to compare it to Anne Wilson.

With my Roland GS-6 digital effects unit for my Flying V (Hondo) and my Fender 85 (200 W rms) amp, I can ape most any guitar sound, including the elusive sound Ted Nugent got with his Gibson ES-335 Birdland hollow body guitar. But how do you sound like Ted Nugent, himself, when singing?

Maybe some don't comment for any number of reasons. But those were a few that I could think of. And, it would seem, there is just about no chance of me not commenting, eh?:D

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