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When Have I sang too much?

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With good singing technique (suitable for your voice) singing should not be debilitating. A professional singer can do a 2 hour show.

And why is your throat dry? Not drinking enough water? Too much smoke in the atmosphere? The heater on too high?

Or are you losing a lot of air in your notes? Or are you singing too high and too hard for where you voice is currently at? There's more to a voice wearing out than just the endurance of an hour. I sang off and on for 4 hours at a New Year's Eve party, once. No, I was not singing the whole time. But the point is, how are you singing for this hour? Is it an hour long aria with no breath takes or instrumental breaks in between?

Need more details.

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As long as your voice feels good, there really isn't a specific limit on singing. Like Ron said, it's normal for a pro to go for a couple hours. But yeah, if your throat's drying out, you need to take a break. It's probably a sign that you're doing something wrong technique-wise.

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