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Jaw tension

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So sometimes my jaw pops when I open my mouth and I feel quite a bit of tension sometimes when singing, is there a way to correct this? I also find the proper jaw position really hard to accomplish, not used to pushing my jaw back like that, is there any tricks for this? I tried using my bottom lip to bring the jaw back, helps a little.

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There are ways of course.

Do you have any problems related to the TMJ? Besides the pops, locking jaw, headaches, etc? If so it may be a good idea to consult your dentist just to be sure.

You can try some massages around the area where you feel the tension kicking in, I don´t advice pushing against your jaw, try to find some exercises that makes it relax in the place.

Like melting your face down with your hands, something like this:

imagine that your face is melting and slide your hands down gently to aid the idea

Or the "you dont say face":


And of course, it can be a technique related issue, in this case a very good idea is singing in front of a mirror and spotting where and what triggers the tension/protrusion. When you can isolate the issue, maybe a vowel near the passage for example, you fix the execution so that the tension is no longer necessary (and repeat it over and over and over).

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