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WHAT A TREAT! Al Green Performances and Interview on Soul Train! :)

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Enjoy this when you have a bit of time available, so worth it! :)

Really cool how he talks about being influenced by his favorite singer Sam Cook, and hanging on to the high notes. That soft soulful high C.

And it's interesting how these singers talk in their interviews... rather high and soft voices! Uncertain if that's an affectation or a side effect of being warmed up to a higher larynx configuration...

He sings with what seems like a mostly horizontal embouchure, by Robert's vocabulary, or aka a GIANT EFFING SMILE. He also definitely seems to tune toward a bright AH/AA. Extremely good support to be able to vary his dynamic levels (messa di voce type exercises?) on any note in his range... and great mic technique.

Maybe I'm just obsessed.

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This may come as a shock but not every singer speaks in baritone. Some guys just have light voices, kind of high, even when speaking. Not an effort, not an affectation. It really does happen, swear to God.

You know who else likes Al Green? None other than "Diamond" David Lee Roth. Well, he also likes Al Jereau and a host of other big band and soul singers.

Anyway, cool thread.

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