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Not understanding how to sing?

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So, beore I tackle the issue at hand, I am primarily a screamer/growler. Anything from Lamb of God to Amon Amarth is no problem. So my problem stems from my love of metal that has normal singing (progressive or power metal for instance) and finally deciding on learning to sing primarily because I'm sort of aggravated at currently only being able to do certain songs, and not others. I am not (and won't until maybe college) be in a band, so all this is currently for fun.

So, whenever I try to sing, if I record it so I can listen to it, it honestly sounds like I'm talking. I haven't been able to figure out what makes singing sound like singing. I cannot afford a "vocal coach" (or whatever they're called), so please don't tell me to. Is there any stuff on maybe YouTube or the Internet I can learn from for free? I am not willing to spend bucketloads of money to learn singing, because I could just use growling and screaming. I just would rather have singing in there too. So think of highschool student budget. Also, I cannot for the life of me, get any amount of power/oomph to my singing, but with screaming I don't have any problems with power.

So, for those who may have gotten lost in my sort of rambling above:

1) How do I make my singing, well, sound like singing?

2) Are there any solid resources online, aside from this forum, that could help here?

3) How do I sing louder without hurting myself?


4) Is the fact I learned to scream before learning to sing causing problems?*

*Note: please, if you don't have any experiance with screaming please do not answer this, I prefer not to be bomarded with the whole ton of bombastic "screaming takes no talent" stuff people like to say to me. It happens quite often, even inside the metal community (some prog metal fans are unbelievably snobby about music).

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I would not say that screamo takes no talent. It takes a particular coordination and you can get hurt if you don't follow some rules of it. What are the rules? I don't know because I am not interested in singing screamo, though others can certainly pursue that, if they wish.

Actually, there are a number of people here that sing with rasp or rattle. Actually, I can do a little rattle but it happens way, way above my vocal folds. The underlying note is clean. And that is where you should start.

Singingwise is a good website. Also, there are a number of books that, while mainly involving a classical method, have good basics. Trust me, learning some classical methods will NOT make you an opera singer. I use classical methods and I am NOT an opera singer. Some people might say I am not even a singer. :D

For that, you need the mentality of Corey Taylor (I am currently reading his book on the seven deadly sins.)

You want a cheap start? Try "Resonance in Singing and Speaking" by Dr. Thomas Fillebrown. Published 1903. Free in Kindle, and also, there are free pdf downloads if you do not have an e-reader or tablet. Obviously, you have a computer of some kind, or you would not be here. Which makes me wonder? How did you afford that computer?

But yeah, I know, money is tight. And starting in January, it will get tighter. Not only will us americans be required to buy health insurance or the IRS will start to assess a 1% percent gross tax (8% for businesses, though personal penalties will rise to 8 percent, a few years from now), but everyone's taxes will increase, not just the rich, in order to pay for the people who are deemed worthy of receiving "subsidy" on their health plan, which will cost more to begin with because an insurance company must now, by federal law, provide and charge for coverage for newborn and maternity leave. For people in their 60's. Trust me, a woman in her 60's is past menopause and can no longer conceive. And must still pay for maternity leave insurance. While being taxed, regardless of income bracket, for others who will not go out and get some contraception because her budget is already spent on whatever recreational narcotics.

So, yeah, money is going to get even tighter.

Can you learn faster with direct lessons? Sure.

Also, remember, you get what you pay for, mostly. Sometimes, you learn the greatest things from "free" sources but it was not "free" for someone.

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