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Since people tend to come up with questions and make new topics for every single little question they come up with I was thinking we could have just one massive general "quick q" thread.

I understand most concepts in singing are much more complicated and require lots of explanation, but there are questions on terms, for instance, that I feel don't require a thread of their own.

So I'll get to it, then:

Does the distortion Barry White uses have a specific name? How would one describe it? I know how to do it, I have no idea what I'm actually doing when I do it. I think it takes talent to pull it off, since most of the time it just sounds comical to me.

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I gave a flippant answer in the other thread. "Goosenfrabe." But really, I think, at the low end, Barry does some creak. At the high end, he does some rattle. He adjusts what he is doing for what part of the range that he is in.

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