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Training Onsets & Sirens - How To Build Your Vocal Foundation!

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Robert Lunte

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A new detailed lecture to share with TMV World Vocal Athletes! For those of you that do not expect instant gratification and "quick tips" to stardom... this is for people that are prepared to sit, listen, take notes and train to get better. For some, it may seem boring, for others, it will transform their singing and understanding of what they can do to get better.

An excerpt from the book, "The Four Pillars of Singing"...

"...There is no better way to train your phonation package deep inside your muscle memory than a slow and controlled siren through every micro-tone of your voice. Practicing with sirens works directly to build super, high performance vocal coordination. Practicing slow and controlled sirens prevents you from cheating and skipping over the hard parts in your voice, such as the Passaggio and low head tones. Skipping over the hard parts and avoiding what is difficult is not what TVS is about. TVS training is about hunkering down and putting yourself right into the "hard stuff". The core of your vocal strength and coordination begins with mastering onsets and sirens..."

Learn More About "The Four Pillars of Singing" Here:


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