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Can you turn a bad night into a good one?

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Ok let's say you're practicing a song, recording, or performing and your voice just doesn't work... Do you just stop and get back to it later? Do you continue even if it sounds bad and feels uncomfortable? Or try to fix it even though you don't know how and end up doing more harm than good?

Or do you have the skill to correct what you're doing and get into balance so that maybe the first song or first few lines are not that great but you can get back on top.

Can you turn a bad night into, maybe not a great one, but at least a good one?


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I believe the trick is knowing what makes the good sessions good.

For me, one example was after I've had a breakthrough I get super excited. So I get a big boost in inspiration, I want to sing all the time and want to try out my "new idea" or whatever on all the scales and this get's me very worked up. BUT when I sing the best is when I'm calm. So usually after a breakthrough I start having some bad sessions, and it took me a while to figure this out.

So whenever I feel my pulse going up and I feel the tendency to push or strain or whatever the bad thing for the night might be, I try to take a break, reset into what I know works and then work from there. It usually works, unless there is some other condition, like sickness that would intervene.

Just an example that works for me.


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Great responce Phil.

I am still in the process of trying to discover what works for me and what doesn't. But on those days when things ARE working the way you want them to, MAP what you are doing. Or at least take notice of what you might be doing differently this time so you can reproduce it.

I do not have a place to practice so usually when I am experimenting and I discover something I am in my car driving down the road. That makes it hard for me to really concentrate on what I am doing.

You could think of a song that you already sing that gets you into the "Zone" and use that as your initial warm up and then get started on your training for the day.

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I know exactly what my problems are. I know exactly how to fix them. Everything about the way I train is consistent so that I'm never "looking for notes" or "Sweet spots" they are always there for me if i warm up correctly. i am never negatively surprised wtih my voice. honestly, i've never had a "my voice doesn't work" day. outside of health challenges i don't bleieve you should ever experience what you wrote "your voice just donesn't work" it should definitely work.

This sounds great! I'd love to have this level of consistency, but again I don't think I've been singing and training as long as you have so it might just be that :).

Your technique needs to be stable so that you can RELY on your voice. if you can't rely on it, you will be afraid to really DRIVE it.

This is very true and even more so for a shy person like me... This is the reason I take lessons and practice my scales almost everyday!

And thank you MDEW and Mivke as well ;)


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