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robert plant vocals isolated

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Thanks, Bob.

I was going to say that this was one of my favorite LZ songs but that is inaccurate. I like pretty much everything they did. And he definitely had a raspy tone, and it was throughout. What is interesting to me is how light he is singing. Which does not imply easy. Just a lighter tone than it sounds in full edit. Definitely singing jazzy blues. The end is more like scat singing than trying to create a magnum opus.

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i'm really into throat shaping (vowels lately). these kind of videos reveal a lot more.

you can hear the choices they made. the nuances of their voices. he seems very relaxed and casual about it.

for example just the word "ramble on" is actually "rahmba awn"

in fact a lot of "aw" in this piece which takes him up nice and strong. that "aw" is great to work with......

you can really hear the early blues influence and early black artists.

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