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Overdrive or some voice marking techniques problem..

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Hello everybody,

First of all, I wanna to say that I'm kinda newbie here on this forum, and kinda newbie in singing too, so if I chose a wrong section, I'm rlly sorry.

So, I got a problem with my voice, I don't know any techniques of singin'. I'm a rapper, a beginner, and from a couple of time I'm trying to reproduce that what Eminem does in his songs. I dunno the exactly name of this technique, but, I guess it's a kind of overdrive or a kind of voice marking technique - I gonna show u some examples:


Take a quit look on the second verse. I gonna tell u all the moments when he's using that overdrive/voice marking technique. So it gonna like this:

(the second verse)

2:27 on "Tupac"

2:30 on "Nas"

2:33 on "A lot of envy"

2:39 on "bothering me"

2.41 on "Problem"

I hope that You see about what I'm talking about. My problem is that I'm a newbie when talking about singing, cuz Im not a singer, I'm a rapper, and I can't even name it, so I can't even search some help to learn it if I dunno which one of techniques is that.

My second problem is that, originally, I got a rlly high voice, just like Eminem on that song. And I tried already to use that overdrive/voice marking technique and learn it by myself, and I did it, I learnt it, but only on my low vocals. Which means, that when I wanna do that technique, I need to change my voice and use a very low and powerful vocal which is completely destroying my throat, and after 3-4 h recording at studio, I barely can speak.

So I got three questions to You guys:

1. Whats kind of technique is that?

2. Is it possible to use it with high vocals?

3. How can I learn it, without turning my vocals to low or changing my voice - how can I learn it to use it on high vocals? Maybe U know some exercises or stuff?

Thank You very much guys,


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I see what your saying.. And as a newbie welcome.. I'm not gonna throw a bunch of terms you won't understand so simply put its like a blues singer growl. Just put a little grunt in your voice "uh". Think james brown line from "I'm black and I'm proud". "uh with your bad self" the uh.. Or listen to Stevie wonder "livin just enough for the city" last verse. You'll hear it.. You can do it high but you should be able to sing high as well cleanly.

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