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I need a good warmup routine!!

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Double D

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sure. heres some ideas to help you get ready..

First some are warm ups 2nd some are exercises. So just like jumping jacks to stretching to lifting weights...

1. 5 min.. do some lip bubbles with no sound or breathing where you breathe in four 8 counts hold for eight counts(not with back of tongue, but suspending the air.)..Or you could breathe in and then sss or shhh for as long as you can. Basically something to get your breathe moving. You could pant

2. 5 min. Add some voice to the lip bubbles or ss to voiced zz on and off on and off. up a scale not to high not to low right in the lower middle part of your voice.

3. 5 min some very relaxed oo or ee sirens starting comfortable speaking going through the break to the top of the voice. Not worried about sound just evenness of breathe and ease of voice into your falsetto back and forth. Female soprano sound on top, but make sure you are in chest on the bottom

4. 5 min Staccato a a a (as in cat) or ee ee ee from low middle to high falsetto easy production starting on the top working down and vice versa making sure not to push to hard but imagine you are just using the edge of the cords.

Use scale patterns like 5 5 5 5 5 1 3 5 8 5 3 1 or 8 8 8 1 3 5 3 1. we are not exercising yet just getting pliability to the cords. So dont sound good or try to stay in one gear on this.

5. 5-10 min now you can start vocalizing like you are going to sing. But start in a comfy range not to high or to low. maybe start on A3. And build it outwards higher and lower. All intervals, Long scales, short scales maybe small phrases and make them quick not slow. If you are using a five tone scale and g4 is hard to hit do it on an octave jump and it should help then go back to the 5 tone. Also you can do some sirens louder and harder at this point the break should be vanishing. Take short breaks 1 min here and there. All vowel and consonant combinations are welcome here..

6. Sing some of the first couple songs you are going to sing, also do some screams if your music calls for it because now you have to sing like you are gonna sing live.

And remember "When you practice don't sing, and when you sing don't practice"

Everyone will be different. This is something that just came to mind there are tons of warmups....EXPERIMENT!


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Thanks so much for the info!

Honestly, I don't understand all of what you're suggesting, so i will have to do some investigating for some of the terms you are using.

Again, thanks!

Anyone else have any warmups they use?

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Hi there :)

Dans post is pretty darn awesome. For some extra pieces of info and ideas there is a free podcast I am involved with called The Naked Vocalist, and the first episode talks about warm up routines and what to do to get ready to sing.


Like Dan, I'm a massive fan of semi-occluded exercises like the lip trill, zz/vv and also the straw exercise (See youtube - ingo titze straw exercise). They have all served me well over the years in getting my voice energised and supple in a short space of time.

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