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Confusion regarding TVS definition of breath support

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Hi, after reading the 4 Pillars, I've been a bit confused about TVS's definition and usage of breath support, and was wondering if some people more familiar with this method (maybe even Robert) could help clear this up.

The 4 Pillars says that singing requires high volumes and velocities of air, which have to be squeezed out of the lungs by a well trained diaphragm, and that "breath support" means the amount of air being pushed out (ie more support = more air.)

But I was under the impression from most other sources that support actually means fighting against the natural urge of the body of quickly releasing air, and that the "louder" and "more resonant" you want to be, the less air, and thus MORE support you need.

Is this just a conflict of definitions?

I'm not trying to start an argument, I just want to understand the process and explanations to the best of my ability.

Thanks in advance!

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Your impression is quite right. Support is about stopping air from coming out. Not the other way around. And you do need more support the louder you sing, because it's very easy to just blow it all out of your lungs at once at such high velocity and pressure. Support is the thing that keeps the air flow constant.

However, don't think too much about support when singing loud in the mid range. Passive support should handle this well.

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here's a helpful visual regarding breath support ....while sitting, blow up a balloon and hold the end so the air doesn't escape. now take the balloon and rest the bottom of the balloon on your thigh. now press up lightly with your leg expanding the balloon without letting the air out. the bulge is breath support.

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