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The LP "Out of the blackness" by iRockers Crew is coming soon

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On the 13th of December, Friday, it's meant to be :)


For more information about the band visit




Cold space around

Dead stars abound

And no way seems to be found

Back to the ground

Deep in space

The darkest place

No doubt that we've lost the race

Fallen from grace

Out of the blackness

Tunnels through time

The only way out...

Just give us a sign

Freezing fear

The pain severe

And one to million that we'll

Get out of here

Now it's clear

A tunnel's near

It beckons us to transcend

Or disappear

Out of the blackness

Tunnels through time

The only way out...

We're given a sign

Round and round

Our lives rewound

We fly away back through time

Breaking the bound

The hull's still stout

We take this route

There ain't no shadow of doubt

Going all out

Out of the blackness

Tunnels through time

The only way out...

We're given a sign

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The following song is supposed to be No.2 in the track list of the upcoming LP...



So ardent, so guileful

No one would dare to withstand you

So harmful and artful

Your flames are threatening to burn through

Ferocious devour

It's hard to calm you down and tame you

Unbridled raw power

Evoking nightmare to come true


Unleash your sleeping desire

And ride the furious fire

Let's ride the violent fire

Hold on to your burning desire

Burst into calm places

Or sneak like robber in the shadow

Then leave with no traces

As every living thing you swallowed

A cruel conqueror

You feel no mercy and compassion

A fervent emperor

No way to curb your frenzied passion


Your breath is so scorching

Beyond all bearing heat and glare

And when you're approaching

There ain't no sense to fight you fair

No chances to beat you

Except for those who know your weakness

It's time for those bold who

Would dare to fight to take your fortress



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Well, your poor English, as you sing it, is better than that of native born americans. Though I have never really heard you just speak. Ever. I have only heard you sing and mostly the songs are in English, though I think you did one or two songs in ruskya (that's phonetic, sorry, my use of the cyrillic alphabet is a little rusty.)

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igor, your english pronunciation has improved alot the last year or two and is no longer something you notice and find disturbing if it ever was. Congratulations to your success, Igor, the music and your voice sounds great!

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A new songs by iRockers Crew for those who love to fly over the mountains :)


Sins pull me down

Hold me back to ground

I'm stuck

On an island of bad luck

Just like a bird

I'd rise so high

And fly...

Soaring 'cross the western sky


Over the mountains 'cross the sea

High in the sky I'm soaring free

Deeply imbued with strong belief

Flying towards where angels live

Burden of life

Tortures me inside

I'm bound

To be roaming all around

My wings of dream

Would set me free

They'd be

My escape from gravity


Pain in my soul

Would go away

The chain

'Round my heart would not remain

Out of the dark

I'd find my way

To be

In a new reality


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Another song for those who spend some time thinking about our being :)



I wake up see the light

Of a full moon so bright

Dreary thoughts in the night

How come shall we die

And there's no place to hide

From this merciless tide?

Chorus 1


We're destined to die?

We got to defy

And slow down the rivers of time

Disturbed gloomy night

Coming down steels the light

Doleful thoughts I can't fight

How long could we fly

On the wings of our dream

Being so happy within?

Chorus 1

I sit by the window

And stare into space

Why we leave with no trace?

How come that so weak

And so fragile we are

And oblivion's our fear?

Chorus 2


We're ready to die?

Beyond we can fly

The furious rivers of time

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