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Bass vocal range in Progressive Rock/Metal

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I'm a 17 year old in a progressive metal group (no screamed vocals however) and I am trying to create a sort of harmonic chemistry with the other vocalist in our band. The other singer is certainly a tenor with a chest-voice range of about A2-C#5 and I've been beginning to do some back-up vocals with him (I'm also the bass guitarist for the band). However, I have a much lower range and I do the "Bass 2" parts in our high school's choir and would like to find a way to make this dramatic difference between our two voices work to the benefit of our music. I have a chest-voice range of approximately B1-F4/F#4ish but my falsetto register can easily get to F5 if I need it to. Any suggestions on how to create appealing harmonies with these two voices?

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If you know the ranges I understand you want to know how to create the harmony. Study material with harmony, each of the voices, map the intervals, learn the scales and chords used, etc... There isnt a recipe for it, simple jumps of intervals work, but its far from being interesting.

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