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Vocal Teacher Questionaire!

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and predominately came here to post this... but I think I'll be sticking around... this forum has everything! Perfect! ::)

So I need some vocal teachers to fill out a quick 10 quedtion questionaire for me please? I am writing a university assignment on my future career choicr and I need to get first hand insight into what it's like to be a vocal teacher! So if you work as a peripatetic vocal teacher in schools or privately I would so value your input! Here are the questions. Please feel free to contact me by posting on here or privately. any help will be very much appreciated! I'm off to scouer the forum now! :) thanks!

1. Is working as a vocal tutor your main source of income? If not, what other work do you do?

2. Do you work as a self employed teacher / are you employed by a company/school or both?

3. (If self-employed) What are the benefits and disadvantages involved in working for yourself?

4. How did you become a vocal teacher?

5. Did you complete any qualifications in teaching to become a vocal teacher?

6. Is there a specific age range that you teach? If so, why have you chosen to teach that age group?

7. What do you feel are the essential skills someone needs to become a successful vocal teacher?

8. What are the difficulties facing you as a vocal teacher?

9. How do you manage your personal life and work life balance?

10.What tips would you give on how to become a successful vocal teacher and gain/retain work?

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