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Help Figuring out whats wrong with me

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Hi, im Danny, im 24, I sing and scream... Most of the time with the correct form, give or take a couple points in my performance when i strain a little bit. My band has been playing the same set for the past 3 months, never a problem, but 3 days ago at practice I felt a weird numb feeling under my chin and what seemed to be low in my throat like under my adams apple so I stopped, waited till the next day and tried again... Same spot in the set I started to feel it again this time with some discomfort in my bottom front teeth as well... So I stopped and went on vocal rest for 12 hours. The next day I had a show, I really did not want to do it but the show must go on... Weirdly enough I finished the whole set no problem... But I still felt this weird discomfort. I was stumped because I had no Hoarseness...

Sooooo I just now got off a 20 Hour strait Vocal rest and the discomfort seemed to be completely gone, then i just did a few warm up exercises and its back lol... Front bottom teeth dull pain, Numbness under chin, maybe a little sharp throat pain... I cant tell where the discomfort is even coming from now... Im so confused, because no hoarseness at all really and def not a normal sore throat feeling, Does this make any sense to anyone??

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I'm no expert, but based on the fact that this is more about discomfort than hoarseness, I'm guessing you may just be using too much extrinsic muscle tension in your vocal technique. I would recommend consulting anyone who knows a lot about vocal science to help you work out this issue. The average vocal teacher may not know exactly why this tension is happening and how to fix it, but I'd think anyone who knows the exact mechanics of the voice would.

If we can get Steven Fraser to view this thread I'm pretty sure he'd know what is going on

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