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Glimpse of Four Pillars?

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Hi, I just found this forum and been reading, and I'm interested in The Four Pillars of Singing. The problem is that I live in Argentina, and I'm not at work-age yet so I actually can't buy it. Is there a way of seeing some examples of it or something like that?

Thank you

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Hello Hola... Im in Germany right now doing vocal Master Classes on "the pillars" techinques. I am the producer and author of Pillars. please feel free to send me an email to robert@thevocaliststudio.com and I will gladly discuss with you any questions you may have about "Pillars".

... and will try to get back on this forum later today or tomorrow.

Check out my web site to learn more:




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Thanks Bob, I was wondering when you would chime in with a little bit of support here?! How is your voice? Hopefully we can have another sesh this summer?

Hola... got your email and will respond.

hey rob, working hard on my vocal exercises...but money's tight right now...

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  • 3 weeks later...

I didn' get you email. If you didn't answer because you couldn't or didn't have time or whatever then it's completely allright, but maybe you did send it and I didn't get just like the first time I sent you my mail, so just letting you know, not to pressure you. Sorry to bother, and thanks.

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