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An old song. Singing after 20+ years. I can use a critique. :)

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My first real recording.

This is a 2am recording, after having just set up an interface with a Mac. I am singing and playing guitar. I picked up my guitar after 20+ years and am singing again. Yes, it's odd, I know. But there it is. :)

I will likely do more, especially in a few voices (harmony). This is a kind of test for me because I really have no clue what I may sound like to the outside world. The last time I did this sort of thing with any regularity was on stage before a couple thousand people in college (students mostly), but it was very long ago and much has changed.

The song was done a bit slow deliberately. I wanted to hear everything clearly to see how clean the pres on the new interface are. I am learning about all this ..... the digital music world is a *very* new world to me.

Any comments will be gratefully appreciated and I do mean that. Thanks in advance.

I am not sure if can add a link here, but if I can, the file is at this link on dropbox:


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I thought it was hilarious that you talk about not understanding modern technology and then post a large .wav file! Hahaha, no offense intended!

I was struck immediately by how you can actually play the guitar, which is nice to hear since many "singers" can't. It's not so much about technicality, but rather a groove that a musician should easily recognise.

As for the singing, I quite enjoy your voice. It sounds to me a lot like a lullaby that my uncle would sing to me, except my uncle can't sing and my age would make that quite odd. I like your tone, even your slightly wavering pitch was kind of endearing, almost as if was planned.

I would love to hear you sing songs with a wider pitch range and with more tonal variety. Of course, you can't just start twanging and belting and screaming in a song like this, but I would like to hear you lean in more!

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