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Can someone tell me what kind of distorsion I am doing here

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Hello guys,

Long time I haven't posted on the forum. I needed some retreat to focus on some really rough spots after seeking advice here. My voice has definitely gone bigger these last monthes and i wanted to show you this video, taken from our last live performance :

This chorus sets quite high, and i decided to sing it more agressively. and that's what i get. But to be honest, i don't really know what i am doing here. It doesn't harm my voice but it definitely feels a bit weird and needs a lot of energy, and really thinking you want to be agressive in your singing.

I have seen Lunte's distorsion video and have TVS, and it sounds close to overlay distorsion, but i am not sure. Also, i don't know what i can do with this sound. For the moment, i don't really have control over it, and it sounds too heavy " screamo " for my taste. I would like to have a brighter, less distorted tone. Anyway, am i on the right track to distort these high notes?

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So, the problem of yours is high notes?

You may wanna do some vocal exercises like this: 10 tips for vocal exercises

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about singing is that just about almost everything you do will have an impact on your ability to perform well. Even your lifestyle has an impact. For example, smoking and drinking too much caffeine can damage your vocal cords.

The Whole Picture

To learn how to improve your vocal singing, you need to look at the whole picture. There is much more involved than just learning to hit certain notes or sing on key.

Becoming a better singer requires time and effort. You have to “find” your voice and then master the physical and vocal techniques that will bring out its best qualities. It’s a process that lets you explore your individuality so you can sing at your best, for yourself and for others.

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